My name is Reinhard Bagyura. As I have used my pseudonym Columbus in the Internet, in forums and the model index, I also use it here in order to prevent confusions. I was born in 1958 in Hainburg/Danube. Since 1976 I have been dealing with photography in an autodidact manner. I first came into contact with a camera at the age of 14. It was a camera of the brand Braun Paxette. Back then, one used to still work with the good old photographic films and developed photographs in the darkroom. It was fascinating how suddenly a picture became visible when dipping into the developer solution. Yes, those images were only black and white, but the process of the development up to a completed picture brought a great fascination with it. Due to lack of free-time, for some time I had to take a break. Some time ago I again discovered my love for the old hobby. I completed a sound education for artistic and applied photography. Presenting people is the basis for my photographic work.

Since 2009, I deal almost solely with people photography. Whether it is classical portraits, children, sensual or nude photography, my goal is always to represent the person in an expressive way.

I was able to gain a lot of experiences during several shootings with different models. Where photography used to be a very intensive free-time activity, in 2014 I decided to provide my knowledge and experiences also as a professional photographer.

My work happens in the studio, outdoors and at selected locations. In collaboration with my models, the ideas of both sides are implemented creatively and therefore deliver results which satisfy the requirements of both the photographer as well as of the model.